Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Subway Café Concept Opens In Flagstaff

Hoping to dig into McDonald's and Starbucks particularly, Subway has begun testing a new type of restaurant. The Subway Café in Flagstaff is the first reported of its kind in the state. According to Subway, usually people feel like they need to eat and go in a Subway restaurant, but at the Subway Café, the hope is the customers will stick around a little bit longer. To encourage that, the Subway Café has an area with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV's and comfortable chairs.

Besides serving up Seattle's Best Coffee, if you are wondering what's on the menu, The East Valley Tribune has some of the items:
Blueberry crumb cake and chocolate chunk muffins are displayed along with marble pound cake and key lime Danishes at the Subway Cafe, while the menu advertises espresso drinks, Panini sandwiches and chicken Caesar salads, among other things.
Checking out this Subway Café brochure in PDF format, you can see some item specifics on the menu, including the fact that they also sell gelato, as well as some interior photos.

The restaurant just opened today and sadly the address is not readily available. Once I have it, I will update the story.

Update (8-25-11): The Flagstaff Business Review has listed the address as 1500 E. Cedar Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86004