Monday, July 9, 2012

Tucson's Legendary Zachary's Pizza is Closing

Echoing the sentiments of Tucson Weekly, which broke the story, the AZFoodDude is sad to learn that Zachary's Pizza is closing on August 1.  There is not a lot of news officially as to why the Tucson staple is closing, but it is almost assuredly because business has been rough in an economy that continues to sputter.  A Facebook post by the restaurant on June 24 gives us a clue, "We will be cash only for a bit longer.  Please help support our business.  Summer has not been kind."

Like many folks, I was brought to Zachary's by friends of mine during a visit to Tucson.  It was after that first visit that I then introduced other friends of mine in the Valley to Zachary's incredible deep dish Chicago style pizza.  The place is so good that we have made the drive from Phoenix to Tucson just for Zachary's pizza on multiple occasions.  Now, that might sound like a long drive but employees of Zachary's will tell you of folks from all over who specifically stop for their pizza, including some regulars from New Mexico.

Near the UofA campus, now is a good time for those who want one last slice and for those who've never had the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about, to experience the hole-in-the-wall charm and head over to Zachary's.  The hours are 4pm - 10pm on Monday, 11am - 10pm Tuesday - Thursday, 11am - 11pm on Friday, noon - 11pm on Saturday and noon - 10pm on Sunday.